We know how biofuel works!

How it all began

Emerged on the market in 2016 LLC “ORGANIC-DNIPRO” became an upswing international company specialized in production and wholesale trade of the following petrochemicals:

- organic solvent for flexoprint and paint coatings (pattern A);
- windscreen washer fluid «Winter concentrate -80°С»;
- ethanol as a blending component of motor fuel;
- isobutanol;
- turpentine fraction extracted;
- oil solvent (pattern V);
- coal-tar solvent (pattern B);
- hydrocarbon mixture (petroleum naphtha );
- semi-finished alkyd impregnation lacquer

We have managed to attract many companies so far. Among our dominant сustomers are: PJSC “Ukrtatnafta”, LLC “Factoring Group”, LLC “Molten”, PE “Nadezhda”, LLC “Alexprom”, LLC “BRSM” and others. We are considered a reliable partner that renders high quality services to its clients.

Our own oil plant facilities and railway access combined with skillful arrangement procedure allow us to duly carry out the orders and deliver the cargo on time to any destination both by truck or railway means. Ex-work shipment is also possible provided prior discussion with our managers. To meet our clients half way we are ready to consider price concessions and payment delays as well as various forms of settlement.

Constant availability of high standard commodity at a reasonable price along with the short time delivery makes our company both competitive and trusted one.

In the center of our activity: ethanol, isobutanol, oil solvent, coal-tar solvent, organic flexoprint solvent, turpentine fraction, petroleum naphtha , impregnation alkyd lacquer

Our production


Bioethanol as fuel
Bioethanol as fuel
In 2008, ethanol was 5.4% of the world motor fuel consumption. In the same year United States and Brazil manufactured 89 % of globe ethanol production volume.
What is a solvent?
What is a solvent?
Solvent is a paint thinner that is produced by petroleum products. Nowadays it is produced in two forms: “oil”, GOST 10214-78; “coal-tar” GOST 1928-79 …
Production of turpentine
Production of turpentine
Turpentine, resin and charcoal are produced in the process of dry distillation of coniferous woods, mainly pine.